Multi-21 is a phrase which will go down in history as the moment when Vettel established himself as a fast and ruthless racing driver who doesn't stop at anything to win. Multi-21 refers to the command given to both the Red Bull drivers toward the closing stages of the 2013 Malaysian F1 Grand Prix, which orders both drivers to hold position, and cruise to the chequered flag. Webber was leading Vettel to a Red Bull 1-2, when Multi-21 was issued. Webber turned down his engine, and started preserving his tyres, and Vettel too was expected to do the same. Vettel however, had plans of his own.

Post race reaction.

He attacked Webber, and after a fierce battle over the first sector, he pulled out ahead of Webber. The drivers went wheel to wheel in what could be described as street racing fashion. It's a miracle that they didn't collide. Vettel later claimed he ignored the call and was sorry for what happened. Flimsy excuse. I expect more from a man who just pulled the rug from under his team-mate. He then continued to apologize for his actions, which I thought was very funny. He is clearly not sorry for what he did, and he doesn't need to be. He's 25, and he has won 3 world championships. He is already one of the Formula 1 greats. He doesn't need to explain his actions to his team-mate, who hasn't been anywhere near as successful. Vettel has joined the ranks of Michael Schumacher, and Ayrton Senna, and neither of them would settle for anything less than a win. Mark should've known Vettel well enough by now to know that he isn't a chubby teenager anymore.

Awkward podium ceremony
They won't see eye to eye for a while now

Red Bull were worried for obvious reasons. First being that they might just run into each other, and lose valuable championship points. Second being that while battling for the lead, they might destroy the tyres and then struggle to complete the race, and lose championship points. Now that the situation turned out favourably, Red Bull won't see the need to waste time on it any more. Vettel will not be penalized, or reprimanded even. Helmut Marko will ensure driver number one status to Vettel.

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