Gift Wrappers from Old Newspapers


Instead of buying the shiny and plasticky giftwrapper from the shops, use old newspapers to wrap gifts. It's a lot easier, and if you happen to tear it, you can always use another one, without having to go to the shops again, and the shiny plastic one is the most annoying giftwrapping paper to use. Instead of simply using the old newspapers as they are, why not jazz it up a bit? Adding a stencil or two goes a long way in making it look even better than the shiny stuff from the store, and it'll look like you actually made an effort in gifting the person.

First, take old newspapers, and choose according to the size of the gift you're wrapping.

Old newspapers. Use the business ones, as they have fewer pictures, and will make the stencils stand out.

Choose a stencil from the internet, or make one yourself. Here's the brilliant one I used.


Print it on paper, and trace it out on a plastic transparency sheet with an OHP marker. Then take a cutter, and cut out the required bits.

The [used]stencil with the bits taken out.
This is what it looks like on normal paper.

Birthday Panda!

Use acrylic paint to stencil the picture.
Here's how you do it,
  • Take out quite a bit of paint on a palette. Don't add water. Not even a little bit. It'll ruin everything.
  • Dip the sponge in the paint, and mix it nicely, so that you have a uniform layer of paint on the sponge.
  • Place the stencil on the newspaper. Dab the paint on the stencil using the sponge. 
  • Once you've put the paint, gently peel away the stencil.
  • Now let it dry, and repeat the process for a whole bunch of newspapers.

Sponge the stencil onto the newspaper with acrylic paint.

Do them in bulk. Saves time, and you have plenty to use later.

You can also add other stencils on the same newspaper, in different colours to make it look really good.

Panda with an awesome Nissan GT-R stencil.

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