IRO Robot


This is the robot that my team and I made for the IRO. Although it didn't win anything, it was by far the fastest robot on the table. Due to a silly mistake of not loading the right program, it just completed half the challenge. For Formula 1 fans, it's a bit like the McLaren of 2012. Blindingly fast, but just not reliable. So many memories attached to this robot. It looks stunning, doing its stuff.

This was one fast bot. We even wore down a set of tyres in practice sessions

Members of the team, called 'Velocious',

Raghav Nanda(Visit his blog)
Sudip Guha
Salil Parekh(Me)

If anyone wants to contest the source of this picture or take credit for it, buzz off. This is my intellectual property, and I didn't grant you permission to make money off it. But many thanks for taking the picture.

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