Geneva 2013: Honda Civic Estate Concept


This is Honda's Civic Estate Concept. Now this is not car that anyone will pin posters of on their bedroom walls. But for those who actually have to spend real money and buy cars, this is very desirable.

For an estate car, this looks fantastic, and this isn't some fancy concept that will never make production. This is the production version, with a few extra bits and bobs added on. The basic shape, and design will carry over to the production model. Although the fancy LED lighting will not. The new Civic looks dumpy and disproportioned, but the estate version sets things right. It looks much more complete, and the Honda promises that it will have a good amount of space in the back as well. If that exhaust and the LED lighting makes it to the production version, people will pay extra for it. Guaranteed. Honda, make it happen.

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