Geneva 2013: Lamborghini Veneno


Lamborghini is back in business, making cars that are too busy tripping on acid and rolling in heroin to give a damn about performance figures. It doesn't really matter if the big wing, or the rudely large diffuser even work. This is what Lamborghini should be making everyday.

This is the Lamborghini Veneno, unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2013. Performance stats don't matter. Just look it at. Keep looking at it. Now print it, and stick all over your room.

This is what happened during its conception,

"It's our 50th anniversary, what should we do?"
"Bake a cake?"
"WHAT? No way. Too mainstream"
"Or lets make a car"
"YEAH! But we we should get really high while doing that. I got some acid tabs!"

And this is what happened.

Unbelievably brash

True to the maxim: "Bigger the wing, better the car"

Pirelli SuperSofts? Is Pirelli bringing their F1 colour codes to road tyres as well?

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