F1 Monza Track Guide


Monza is one the most exciting track on the calendar. Fast and deceptively tricky, it is quite a challenge to put in a nice clean lap and break your previous record.

This is the track,

First of all, the setup is very important. This is a low downforce track, and it is very important to maximise your corner exit speed to exploit the low downforce setup on the straights. The yellow dot on the track, just before Turn 1, is the maximum speed the car will reach. If you hit around 340km/hr+, then you're set for a good lap.

The gearing is also very important. As the top speed is very important for qualifying and overtaking, higher gear ratios are better, but they will hurt you on the slower corners. but as Monza only has 1 slow corner, the chicane of Turn 1 and Turn 2, so it won't affect the lap.

So low downforce and high gearing.

Now the track itself.

As you start from the start/finish line with the DRS wing open, and head toward Turn 1, brake as late as possible, and ride the kerbs as much as you dare, without cutting the corner or spinning out. Simply monster the kerbs over Turn 1 and 2 with the momentum from the start/finish straight and get into position to accelerate as soon as possible for Turn 3.

Turn 2

Use KERS on exit of Turn 2 to compensate for the gearing, and open DRS. Take Turn 3 flat and hug the inside line initially, but let the car drift toward the center and then get back on the racing line for Turn 4 and 5 for maximum speed.

Turn 4 and 5 can be taken faster then Turn 1 and 2, and as before, ride the kerbs. But now there are two ways of tackling this corner, both equally fast. Method 1: Barely touch the kerb of Turn 4 and jump over the speed bumps deep into the kerbs of Turn 5 and get back on track using the momentum, and as before KERS and DRS on exit. This method is tricky as you have a high chance of spinning out, or getting a corner cutting penalty. Also, you jump out on the track which means you cannot accelerate immediately. Method 2: Cut deep into kerbs of Turn 4 and barely touch Turn 5 kerbs. It's slightly slower, but you can accelerate sooner as all wheels are on track and it's a lot more stable.

catching air on exit of turn 5 using method 1

Turns 6 and 7, the Lesmo's, are deceptive. Approach Turn 6 and angle nose toward apex of corner, with the DRS wing open, and then brake just before the apex, and wrestle the car around the corner, barely clipping the exit kerbs. You get this wrong, you spin out and end up in the sand traps. Turn 7, same method, DRS open, angle nose in and get the car around the corner. With the DRS open, you get oversteer, so use that extra turn-in.

Turn 7

Exit turn 7 with KERS and DRS. Just leave enough KERS for exit after Turn 10. The Ascari corners are fun, and not too difficult. Approach Turn 8 safely, and brake well. Once again, use the kerbs, and try not to lose the momentum. Accelerate after tackling Turn 8, and just lift while tackling Turns 9 and 10. Finish KERS on exit.

Turn 9

Clean exit from Turn 10, and run wide, clipping the exit and kerbs and follow the racing line toward the final corner, the parabolica. This is a tricky one. With the low downforce setup, you have to be careful not lose the back end and spin off. Brake well, take the inside line and just stay clear of the kerbs on the outside. Open DRS wing once you're nearing the exit of the corner to reduce understeer and for a faster exit toward the start/finish line.

I've lost the back end and i'm spinning out.

I set a 1:31.517 in an HRT, and I adjusted all sorts of settings including balance, and alignment to get that lap time. It's fast track, but a lot of fun.

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