Renault Twizy F1 Concept


Renault has always been slightly weird, in a good way. They've ventured into niches no one has ever thought of, made cars that seemed crazy, and has a typical heart over head attitude towards making cars. Their hot hatchbacks have redefined the very meaning of the hot hatchbacks, and their Formula 1 campaign has been very successful. In short, they're having a good time now. So they've lent a few engineers some money and given them free reign.

After 10 months, this is what they came up with. The Renault Twizy F1. Renault Twizy is a brilliant little electric powered city car that shows a new direction is electric mobility. It's a smartly designed car strictly for in-city usage. It is of course, slow and won't break any records.

The Renault Twizy F1 changes all that. The stock Twizy has a 17-hp electric motor. The engineers at RenaultSport added the KERS unit used in Formula 1. The KERS unit adds an additional 80-hp boost, and that is a considerable amount in what is essentially a go kart. The KERS unit provides the boost for around 14 seconds, and the stock electric motor harnesses energy from the braking to feed that monstrous water cooled KERS unit. To control all the torque, Renault has fitted some naff carbon fibre wings, and fat slick tyres from its single seater 2.0 series. Not to mention the steering wheel as well, taken from the 3.5 series single seater which has all the controls on it. All this means that this ridiculously powerful contraption will do nought to 100 in 6 seconds, and proceed to hit a top speed of 109 km/hr. This sense of speed will tremendously amplified in what is essentially a go kart with no doors.

Now obviously besides the fact that this is probably the most desirable electric city car, it does have potential motorsport applications. Go-Karting could be replaced with this neat and silent electric version, and it is an awful lot more powerful, yet much cleaner. It'd be brilliant. You could also make a proper aerodynamic version of this power train, and then it'd really be a proper alternative to the grassroots single seater motorsport series. Or as a support series to the upcoming Formula E.

But what I think would be a brilliant use of this, would be as a support race for Formula 1. Back in 1979, F1 drivers would race each other in a support series in BMW M1's. Later it expanded beyond F1 in 1980 before BMW abandoned it to concentrate on its F1 campaign. Now, with all the environment and all the global warming brouhaha, it would be nice to run the Twizy F1 as a support race to F1. With a Twizy F1 race just before lights out on Sunday, millions will tune in to watch the best drivers battle it out in powerful, and comical electric city cars on track. 24 drivers battling it out in electric city cars with carbon fibre wings. I won't be surprised if the viewing figures drop dramatically after the support race ends. It will be properly brilliant.

Mr Ecclestone, I accept cheques.

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  1. This one looks awesome man. Renault always try to create new things and the above concept is also looks fantastic. It is one of the best car on the track.

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