OpenEmu Compiled for Mac


OpenEmu is a open source emulator that will play pretty any game you played 'back in the day'. My 'back in the day' games were the Pokemon games.

Now the only way to play Pokemon on a Mac is with GameBoy emulators. VisualBoy is a very good option, with the ability to fast forward time and use various cheats. But it is slightly unstable, and the cheats and the fast forwarding option does spoil the game because you will inevitably use them. It's like a cake on a table, in a room full of other people. You don't simply ignore the cake. You will eat every bit of it. Then you will become violently sick because the cake was poisoned. The cheats and the fast forwarding is the poisoned cake. It ruins the game and you can't help but use them.

Enter OpenEmu. Not only will this emulate any sort of Nintendo device, it is stable, and it doesn't have anything extra. Open app, play the game. Thats it. No fuss. The best part is that it looks like an official Apple app. It's like a mini iTunes for emulators and games. It is beautifully designed.

This is how an emulator for the Mac should look like. You can modify the keys, or hook up a gamepad and modify the keys accordingly.

You can compile it yourself. It takes less than 10 minutes to compile if you already have Xcode. Here's a very simple guide to compile it yourself. If you don't have Xcode, or you want to save yourself the bother, here's a version I compiled.

Go to CoolRom, or any other site, and only download ROMS that you have bought for your GameBoy.

Download Link 1
Download Link 2

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