Formula 1 Bahrain 2013


The Bahrain race was a good one. Lots of overtakes, and certainly a lot of position changes. The pole-sitter, Nico Rosberg fell to 9th place by the end of the race due to excessive tyre wear, and Romain Grosjean ended up 3rd after starting from 11th on the grid. Kimi Raikkonen, who started in 8th place finished 2nd, 9 seconds adrift of race winner Sebastian Vettel. There was a lot of drama on track, with Romain Grosjean and Sergio Perez, both back on form, and fighting for position. Sergio fought with his team-mate and drove Alonso off track. Romain fought with every driver on the grid with his slightly skewed strategy.


But the only reason we saw this spectacle was because of the tyres. Pirelli was asked to make faster degrading tyres, and they did, so you simply cannot blame Pirelli. The DRS(Drag Reduction System), along with the tyres has made Formula 1 a little contrived, and fake. True overtakes happen rarely, as drivers on different tyre strategies don't fight as hard. Alonso had to fight without DRS in Bahrain as his DRS system would not close, so he was told not to use it. He finished 8th, which is extremely impressive when you consider he had to make extra pit stops.

But this forceful racing has to stop. Every other racing series provides entertaining racing without ruining the very essence of racing. Its not real, and does not display driver talent. The Chinese Grand Prix was another farce. Although it was exciting, and we did see Kimi adapt to his damaged car and finish on the podium, and Ricciardo finish 7th in his Torro Rosso, it was clearly a fight of strategies, not driver skill. Although it could be said that managing tyres is a very important part of racing, its not what Formula 1 drivers are supposed to do.

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