Sauber C32-Ferrari Launch


Sauber C32-Ferrari

Sauber's online launch was quite a surprise. First off, the colour scheme looks superb, and it is one the best looking cars in 2013. As it says on the tin, the Sauber uses Ferrari engines. Now Nico Hulkenberg might have signed up for Sauber so that he might get noticed by Ferrari, and could potentially replace Massa in 2014.

Sauber has made quite a few changes to the new car.

Sauber has tweaked the car a bit, and it looks quite a lot different from the 2012 model. They've done a halfway job on the step nose. They've used a smaller vanity panel, so a small step can still be seen. They claim that it gives a slight aero advantage, so it's an interesting route they have taken. Another odd feature of the C32 is that it has tiny sidepods. The openings are extremely small compared to a Ferrari, Lotus, or the McLaren ones. Another interesting step taken by Sauber. It'll be interesting to see how fast will the Sauber be, and whether they have taken the right gamble. They haven't opted for the passive double DRS, so till now, only Lotus has a DDRS system in place. The double DRS system is a gamble, as it is quite tricky to setup and fine tune it. So it's not exactly a foolproof mechanism, and might actually lead to further problems.

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