Bruno Senna to Force India?


A screenshot of Paul Di Resta's Twitter feed shows that he welcomed Bruno Senna to Force India. The tweet was deleted minutes later. However, one smart Twitter user, @nismoroger took a screenshot, and if Force India did indeed hire Bruno Senna, it would've been a catastrophic decision. Bruno Senna was a fast driver. Until his mother forbade him to continue his racing career in his formative years of karting. after the deaths of both his uncle, Ayrton and his father. He started racing again at the age of 20. So missed on the crucial time to hone his skills, and thus lost his speed. So Bruno Senna could've been a world champion by now, matching Ayrton Senna for speed and maturity. But unfortunately, he missed out. So hiring Jules Bianchi, or even Adrian Sutil, both of which are fast drivers makes sense, and at the launch of VJM06, Force India claimed that they would make their driver decision on the basis of a long term strategy, so I think they did actually hire Bianchi.

UPDATE: Bruno Senna signed for Le Mans and World Endurance Championship with Aston Martin. So obviously, this screenshot is either a photoshop or a misjudgement by Paul Di Resta.

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