McLaren MP4-28 Launch


McLaren MP4-28 launch

Today's McLaren launch gave the outside world a good look into McLarens preparation for 2013. This year McLaren celebrates 50 years of its existence, and I suspect they will have a fantastic year. Jenson Button drove into the McLaren Technology Center in the P1, their new road car, and he was simply oozing confidence as he stepped out of that car and into the glare of the cameras. This the Jenson whom we saw back in 2009. Now that the team, and crucially the car is his, he knows he has a fantastic advantage, and a good chance to win the championship. He stressed on the fact that the new car is not only more consistent but also faster than last year. And McLaren did end the 2012 season with the fastest car.
The car itself has undergone a few changes, so it's not radically different, and it still does not carry a nose step as seen on other cars.

Martin Whitmarsh also stated that 2013 was every bit as important as 2014, so this will be one very competitive year, and they will be aiming to win that championship. Sergio Perez meanwhile was simply pleased to be with McLaren and will be looking to make an impact. But there's no doubt that Jenson Button will be in a class of his own if the car is quick and more importantly consistent. 2012's MP4-27 was the quickest car by far, by poor reliability was a sore point and effectively took them out the running for the championship.

2013 is going to be epic. The best drivers, all in the best teams with good cars, fighting for the championship. This will be one of the most competitive seasons in Formula 1 history, and never will a season start will atleast 8 drivers each of which has a fighting chance to win the championship.

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