Aston Martin Vanquish


Aston Martin has launched a new car, the Vanquish. Thats what they tell everyone. But secretly they've taken the Virage, crossed out 'Virage', and written 'Vanquish'. You would be hard pressed to tell the difference. They both have the same basic shape, same dimensions(more or less), and the same engine. The difference is, (or so Aston Martin tells us) is that the new Vanquish has a new interior, more power and subtle exterior design touches exclusive to the Vanquish. The One-77 looks like a diseased and mutated DB9, but atleast it's visibly different, unlike the new Vanquish.

I still prefer the older Vanquish, which had a slightly evil, and elegant air to it.

It's not even worth talking about performance. The BMW M5 will outrun the new Vanquish with ease.

LOL Aston Martin. LOL.

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