Sketch Tutorial: Toilet Stick Figure


Finished Vector!

This tutorial will show you how to use Sketch(Illustrator too) to make a simple stick figure man/woman.

First, open Sketch.

Now, make a simple circle and name it 'Face'. Also, make note of the Width and Height of all the assets throughout the tutorial, as I will be using a set proportion so that the figure looks just about right.

Draw a rounded rectangle, as 'Torso'. Once again, use the same width and height values.

Now draw the legs.

Make sure you round it off to about 23 px. The legs do look very small, and I will rectify this error later. To avoid facing this problem, adjust leg height value to 240.

For the right leg, simply duplicate the leg you drew first, and drag it into position.

Draw the arm. Make note of the width, height and roundedness.

Once again, duplicate the arm, and drag it into position.

Now, this step is an important one. This will crucially define how the stick figure will look like. The bit that connects the arm to the torso. Draw a circle, press 'Return/Enter' and use your mouse to mould the circle into a shape that will uniformly connect the arm to the torso. If you cannot manage to do it properly, use the one I have made. Download the file at the end of the tutorial.

Once you've drawn it for one arm, duplicate it, and flip it horizontally and use it for the other arm-torso connection.

Now select both the connector and the respective arm, and Combine them using 'Union'. Do it for both the arm-connectors.

Now Combine 'Union' the arm/connectors to the torso.

Now drag the legs into place, and once again Combine 'Union' them into the torso.

Now the leg height correction. Select both the legs, and adjust the height value to 240. You can also adjust the leg height value to 240 when you first draw the legs.

Now the finished result should look something like this,

To finish it off, on the right-hand column, deselect 'Border' and change 'Fill' to black, or whatever colour takes your fancy.


Download link for the Stick Figure.

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