BMW Zagato Coupé


BMW's new one-off Zagato Coupé is a design masterpiece.

BMW and Zagato decided to collaborate on a design project for the glamorous Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este on the shores of Lake Como in Italy. This is of course a Z4 with a a fancy bodykit. Or so you first think.

However on closer and prolonged inspection, you start to realize that this not simply a bodykit job. The design lines run deeper than what is first perceived. If you still don't think this car looks good from any angle, have a look at real pictures, not the press images posted here. The revelation will hit you with the force of a brick wall.  The exquisitely beautiful curves festooned on the hood and flanks are hand beaten and manually welded. In fact, apart from the BMW Z4 running gear, every single part of this car was handmade.

Even the paint needs three coats consisting of a black primer, matte silver and then finally a transparent red with a tinge of orange which gives the colour a very unique and beautiful finish.

The last time BMW and the Italians came together, was for the BMW M1 supercar which was collaboration of German engineering and Italian design. The BMW Zagato Coupe however is the marriage of BMW and Zagato design elements. The running gear is of course German but the traditional BMW design elements have been retained. This BMW in my opinion easily rivals the Aston Martin Zagato coupe which consisted of nothing but a fancy bootlid in terms of design.

If BMW gives this Zagato a M3 running gear, or a new bespoke Z4 M drivetrain, then this car will certainly have a broader appeal and some racing heritage.

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