Kimi Raikkonen, the modern day Ayrton Senna?


Ever since his comeback Kimi Raikkonen hasn't really been a happy man. I don't think anyone has ever caught him smiling in 2012. Even though his fantastic driving has secured him 2 podium finishes in 5 races, he doesn't seem to be pleased with the result. In contrast, Schumacher hasn't yet had a podium finish since he returned to F1. Kimi finished 2nd in Bahrain, and 3rd in Spain, but in the press conferences he always expressed his anger at himself for finishing first. That sounds a lot like Ayrton Senna doesn't it? Ayrton Senna too had a similar mindset towards racing. He famously once said, "Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose."  Or maybe its just that Kimi has finally matured into an all round racing driver who "competes to win"(å la Ayrton Senna)?

But not only is his mindset similar to Senna's, its his driving as well. It's often been said that Kimi is the only driver in the modern era who has the raw natural speed that has only been seen in Senna. Both drivers also have a very good understanding of judging how much grip there is coming out of corners. Although, Kimi does have his fair share of bad days, but when he his one with his car, he's been in a class of his own.

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