Kim Dotcom and Kimi on the Nurburgring.


A video uploaded on Youtube is proof that fat men are fun. Kim Dotcom, with $175 million and a lot of good cars visited the Nurburgring in January before he got arrested by the FBI for copyright issues related to, which is, quite frankly silly. Everyone downloads 'copyrighted' stuff off the internet. Up-to and even, I'm willing to wager, Barrack Obama. So why arrest the guy who makes it all possible?

So in January, he, and I quote, "The production involved 30 cameras, 100+ crew, 2 helicopters, 2 camera cars and one fixed wing aircraft." to shoot a dream video of him racing around the Nurburgring with his mate Finn Batato, and Kimi Raikkonen with three(!) modified Mercedes Benz AMG CLK DTM's. The CLK DTM's are rare and reportedly only 200 or so were made. The modification is what appears to be nitrous injection. So a 582bhp 'standard' CLK DTM with nitrous injection. And rear wheel drive. With tires that look suspiciously thin. Around the Nurburgring. Yeah, you definitely need F1 drivers to handle that. But then Kim is a "street racing legend".

Kim wanted "I used to play Forza and Need for Speed on Xbox Live. Those games inspired me to create a video that looks like the replay of a perfect lap on the Ring. I know it isn't perfect, but I tried." and he has somewhat achieved that videography. It's an epic video and is a perfect example of what rich men should do with their money and free time. This video was made for only for the fun in making it. "I DID NOT WIN against Kimi. I never could. We had to remove the air from his tires to keep up. And even then it was impossible :-)" He was just mucking about, having a good time, and in the end he even got a great video out of it! This is exactly what Bruce Wayne should be doing instead of pretending to be a superhero. The cars were named "GOOD"[Kimi Raikkonen], "AND"[Finn Batato], and "EVIL"[Kim Dotcom]! Ha! Kim even calls himself a 'street racing legend'. Whether its true or not, I have no idea, but he sure is a 'playboy legend'. The video wasn't even the final edit! The final edit is on the hands of the FBI. This video is a testament to the CLK DTM and the Nurburgring, but most important of all, it proves that Kim Dotcom sure as hell knows how to have fun!

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