Mac Virus


Ok, this isn’t exactly a real Mac virus. But it’s a good way too prank your friends(or foes!). With the help of AppleScript you can instruct the Mac to perform several tasks. Although Applescript is generally used for boring stuff like sending bulk mails or doing something productive, it can also be extremely fun if you have a devious plan in mind!

Open AppleScript Editor.

Open AppleScript Editor

This is where you write the code.

AppleScript Editor

Type in,

say “Warning! Virus Alert!” using “Vicki”

Voice command

Mac will now issue a ‘warning’ and say whatever you type in using the voice Vicki, who is [I think!] spanish. Hmm....


display dialog “Virus Alert! Mac has detected a virus.” buttons {“OK”} default button 1

Dialog Command

Mac will now display a dialog with the warning.


now type,

tell application "Finder"
shut down
end tell

Shut Down command

Mac will now shutdown!

Click Compile, and then save it as an Application.
Don’t click Run! Or your Mac will shut down!

Save as Application

Now change the logo of the application, or do whatever but get your nemesis to open the application and face your wrath!

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