Flipp Chrome


I created a Google Chrome extension that allows you to horizontally flip or mirror all HTML5 videos on a web page. Apparently this is good if you're dancer and you want to learn some dance moves.

But I think it'll be a lot more useful if you're sick of watching mirrored videos on Youtube. Flipp simply flips the videos back to the original format, and you can watch it normally. So this is a pretty good tool to watch that Top Gear episode on Youtube without having to suffer the mirroring. Also its also good way to have a laugh. Watching any video mirrored gives an entirely new feel to it.

To install this extension, simply download the file and open it. It only works on Google Chrome. I'll try and make a similar extension for Safari and Firefox as well.

Safari Extension for Flipp: Flipp Safari

To use this extension, goto settings on Youtube, and turn HTML5 video mode on. Only then will Flipp work. Link for Youtube HTML5 activation : http://www.youtube.com/html5

Download it here : Mediafire Link

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