The Illustrated Guide to Making burnedsap Pancakes


It was the summer of '16. I was hungry and alone at home. I had the power of the internet. Hence I decided to make myself some pancakes. The first time I made them, I literally 'burned' them. On my second attempt, they tasted like uttapams. On my third try, I got them more or less right. Here is the illustrated guide to making pancakes. This recipe is a heavily modified version of the one I originally used. The original recipe didn't work out, so I improvised. 

Good luck.

Apparently the scrapy thingy is also called a spatula.

These ingredients I have listed are what I think should be added to pancakes. Don't worry too much about the proportions, just dunk whatever feels right and blitz. Word to the wise: Get generous with the baking powder if you want fluffy pancakes.

Get creative with the proportions. Taste the batter often, and add more of whatever you feel is lacking. I even added creme de cassis because I felt my pancakes lacked alcohol, and were a bit too sweet.

Cooking the batter is the trickiest part. The trick of course, is to heat the batter evenly on both sides. Flip it prematurely and you might tear it. Too late, and you'll burn it. Keep it on low heat, and be patient. Let the heat slowly cook the pancake.

Don't forget to butter/oil the pan before you pour in the batter. Try to aim for a decently sized pancake. Not too thin, nor too thick.

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