Pentax K1000 Development


I shot a couple or rolls of film with the Pentax K1000, but I was having a lot of trouble digitising them. The IT centre in my college doesn't have the necessary equipment to enable their high end scanners to scan 35mm film properly, so for a long time I looked around for a proper method to scan my film. The search is still on to find a process to do so, so in the meantime I asked the film development shop to scan my film.

The only reason I want to do it myself, is so that I have better control over the digitisation process. The scans I get from the photo shop are 300dpi JPEG format images which means I can't edit them at all. I really want to get involved in the process of working on negatives and playing with colour to produce positive images.

I went to Mumbai for a week or so, and I spent one morning roaming in the fort area with the Pentax. Last time I visited the same area, I had a Nikon 3200 DSLR with me. It was really interesting to use a different medium to take photographs in the same place and compare the experiences. With the DSLR, everything around me seemed worthy of taking a picture of even though it might not actually be worth it. Shooting with the analogue SLR, time seemed to slow down and with only 36 shots, I was in no hurry to finish the roll. I enjoyed my walk through the place a lot more, and waited for a good shot. One advantage with the DLSR is that you can quickly take a shot, and the autofocus system really helps if you have to quickly whip out your camera and shoot. With the Pentax, I had to be patient and judge my shot well. With time and practice I'm sure that even the film SLR can be used to take those split moment shots

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