It's been a long time since I've updated, or even seen this blog. Of late, I have been busy with college, and the other necessary but awful parts of life. Hence I have been micro blogging my life away on my Tumblr. But that is nowhere near as satisfying as writing on this blog.

The Garfield Mac widget has recently stopped working which is pity since it was quite entertaining to have on one's desktop, but times are a changing I suppose. GoComics must've changed the URL of the Garfield comics, and updated it to their new system, which uses an internal javascript to call out new comics I suppose.

I recently got my hands on Grid: Autosport, which is a fascinating game, and I'll add that to the list of racing games for the Mac. I'll publish the full review on MacGamerHQ soon.

I've also picked up a cheap Microsoft Kinect, and I'm playing around with Processing to make that work. Its not going terribly well, but then again, nothing I do ever does. I also got my hands on a Pentax K1000, which is another interesting piece of kit.

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