Interview with Tom Hunt, Co-founder of The James Hunt Foundation


James Hunt

sap: Tom, would you introduce yourself please?
A: Hi All, I'm Tom, James's eldest son and one of the founders of James Hunt Racing.

sap: What inspired you to set up The James Hunt Foundation? Have you shortlisted any charities to donate to as of yet?
Tom: We wanted to give something back to this world as dad had given so much during his life, and create something that would uphold his legacy in the right way. We haven't shortlisted any charities yet, but my brother and I are keen for most of the funds we raise to go to environmental causes, and we know Dad would have approved of that given his fond appreciation for nature and wildlife.

sap: What do you want The James Hunt Foundation to be doing in 5 years time?
Tom: I would like to think we would be raising consistent meaningful sums each year, to be donated to causes that we would have built lasting relationships with by then.

sap: Is there anything you want to reveal about the future of The James Hunt Foundation?
Tom: At this stage all I can say is that we are hoping to be part of a special auction in September where there will be a number of JH related pieces raising money for the Foundation.

sap: Can we expect any additional James Hunt content on the website?
Tom: Absolutely; online shop later this summer, photo and video content, stories from people around during those times and lots more.

sap: We all know of the eccentric, and immensely loved, free spirited James Hunt. Whom do you remember him as?
Tom: An absolutely devoted father who wanted nothing more than the best for Freddie and I, his 'little soldiers' ...oh, and of course, his budgies too...!

sap: Which of the current breed of Formula 1 drivers would James most probably identify with?
Tom: To be honest, Dad was unique and I don't think there is anyone like him at the moment, and certainly never will be. F1 is so different now it physically wouldn't work having someone like that on the grid, it's so commercial they would never get there in the first place even if they were the best driver on the world. There is one that reminds me of him though...can't you guess??!

Tom Hunt with the official merchandise

sap: Who was James's most fierce competitor on track?
Tom: Niki.

sap: What would James make of the current F1 tyre situation? I would love to hear his commentary of the Formula 1 races today.
Tom: Based on the most recent GP being Silverstone, I would imagine he'd say something that few people would want to repeat with a finger pointed heavily at the manufacturer. I'd like to hear it too!

sap: Which book would you recommend others to read to get to know James Hunt better?
Tom: Gerald Donaldson's, it's the only family endorsed book.

sap: What was James's greatest strength?
Tom: In one word, I'd say determination.

sap: What sort of person was James at home?
Tom: Obviously I only knew him in the latter part of his years. By that time he was a completely different person from how most people remember him now. Very relaxed, level, caring, compassionate, content, everything people want to be when they retire I guess. And happy, it's a shame to think he had just reached all that when it was taken away from him at such a young age.

sap: Did James enjoy racing or just winning? Or was he in it was for the addicting adrenaline kick?
Tom: He was just extremely competitive and not just in motorsport - tennis, squash, snooker long distance running were all things he excelled in as well. But I guess he also enjoyed the thrill of speed, as he probably could have turned pro in any of the above if he put his mind to it.

sap: Is it really true that James seduced around 5000 women in his lifetime? Are their any other legends or stories that we don't know about?
Tom: Put it this way - if I'd slept with anywhere near that many I wouldn't be counting. So I think it's safe to say that number may have come from his mouth in a passing comment of jest, or from a tabloid writer, I just don't know.

And yes, there are plenty of stories even I don't know about, and probably never will...

Thank you Tom, for taking time out for the interview!

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