Nokia 101 Review


A mobile phone by definition is,

mobile phonenounBrit.a telephone with access to a cellular radio system so it can be used over a wide area, without a physical connection to a network.
So by definition, the Nokia 101 is the best mobile phone you can buy right now. It hasn't yet dropped a call, or failed to send an SMS. It has a torch, an MP3 player with radio, a stonkingly powerful speaker which can wake the dead, and sudoku. Oh and it can go on for weeks without needing a recharge. All for about $35. 

Of course, smartphones are the new fad, and as I use a Nokia 710 on a daily basis, I know for a fact that it really is very convenient, having the internet at my disposal, anytime anywhere. All those apps, instant messaging, Twitter, Facebook, emails, 9GAG, and I could go on and on, the list of things I can do with a smartphone is endless. Apart from making calls, or sending SMS's, of course. That is something the 710 does not do very well. Nor does the iPhone, for that matter. 

There's this simple joy to using the Nokia 101. No internet connectivity, no social networking, no emails, no distractions. No flimflam. Just calling, and sending SMS's. It's a lot like taking a holiday, and its a relief not being connected to the internet all the time. I can only imagine Nokia gave it dual sim functionality so that corporates who use it once, and get addicted to the calmness it brings in their lives, chuck away their Blackberries, and iPhones can replace both their mobile phones with the 101. It's not like the target market audience of this phone have both a work phone, and a personal phone. I highly doubt Nokia were swamped by complaints of the target audience wanting to use both their work and personal sim in one phone. I am quite certain it was included to cater to those who convert over from their smartphones.

To anyone wanting to get away from the rat race, or go to a beach resort to relax, there's no need. Simply replace your smartphone with the Nokia 101, and you shall achieve zen.

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