What's The Point Pirelli?


It's quite easy to target Pirelli and blame them for ruining Formula 1 with all the tyre changes, but Pirelli were told to make those tyres, so there is no point in blaming them. But when Pirelli started to change the compound and construction of their tyres mid season so that teams like Red Bull and Mercedes don't suffer as much, it completely ruins Formula 1. If the new tyres degrade slowly and benefit certain teams, the whole point of degrading rubber is lost. Every team is given the same set of tyres and they have to deal with it. Lotus, Force India and McLaren have built their cars specifically to handle the degrading rubber. But if Red Bull and Mercedes, teams with astronomically large budgets complain, and Pirelli listens to their complaints and goes about fixing the tyres, then it ruins the very competitive nature of Formula 1.

It wasn't justifiable to give Pirelli shit with the original set of tyres. They did a brilliant job to make the races unpredictable. But when they start making mid season changes to suit the needs of certain big budget teams, then they definitely deserve every insult thrown at them. With the viewing figures for Formula 1 dropping day by day, this change is another blow. Eric Boullier, team principle of Lotus F1, put it perfectly, "Just imagine for a moment that, because a football team can't run as fast as its opponent, the dimensions of the pitch are changed at half time!"

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