Terminal Mischief ;)


The Macintosh operating system is often thought to be extremely serious and po-faced, only dedicated to serving corporates and artists alike. But there is a fun, childish side to the Macintosh OS not many people know about, and even fewer know how to access it. Here's a guide to access those awesome features.

First open Terminal
[Applications>Utilities>Terminal] or use Spotlight

Now make your Mac speak anything out loud. Anything you want.
Simply type,
say [type text you want to hear your Mac speak aloud]

Unleash your Mac's artistic talents by producing ASCII art with a few keystrokes.
banner [text to be converted into ASCII art]

To save the ASCII art to a text file,

Navigate to Desktop.
cd Desktop
 Now type in the command,
banner [text] > [filename].txt 

Now open the file from Desktop.

To show it more clearly here, I converted the txt file to a pdf.

Awesome stuff isn't it? There are many more Terminal tricks. You can even access retro games  such as Pong, Tetris, and others using eMacs.

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