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Need for Speed 1

One of the best, and epic-est racing games, I give you, Need for Speed 1!

Quoted from the NFS website,

"The first truly 3D racing game, with a car list featuring the coolest cars available at the time, this was one drive you have to take."

"Police chases, full-motion videos introducing each car, as well as traffic trying to make you wreck your dream machine pushed this game ahead of its competition. It had an impressive number of tracks for its day (seven), and a distinguished car list which included such supercars as the Lamborghini Diablo, Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1, and Ferrari 512TR.

A range of camera views were available, including a groundbreaking "in-car" view, giving the player more of a connection with their vehicle, rather than just the "chase cam" view present in most racing games of the day."

Cockpit view

Jim Varner of GameSpot gave the game a 8.3 "Great" rating and said: "With its marvelous attention to detail, exotic course design, and straightforward gameplay, this game is a true winner. Simply put, The Need for Speed is the next best thing to owning a $200,000 sports car!"

Now without doubt, this is a great game, and for all those who use Macs here's your chance to experience the Need for Speed!

You have to play this game. It is loads of fun and the graphics are retro, and blocky, but has a special and nostalgic feel to it. The 3D scenery is cool, and for a game this old, very detailed. Even the physics engine is pretty up to date. When I mean up to date, I refer to the fact that the NFS series went all arcade-ish after NFS 1, yet the original has a realistic physics engine which is incredible considering the fact that it was made way back in 1995. Although Road&Track magazine did play a major hand in making this game.

Main Menu

Apart from other awesome games like Hot Pursuit 2[Yes, the old one], ProStreet, and Shift 2, they veered off into the arcade genre, which made the games pretty easy to beat. But NFS 1 is incredibly hard. With fast and armed cops on some maps, and the promise of unlocking a special car with the 'Los Vegas' track, this is old school real racing. No storyline career mode, or upgrade palava to distract you here. The AI is smart and crazy fast.

Pretty awesome.

Link to download .zip file. Just unzip and play![Mac only]

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